Terms of Sales

1. I am selling to a reduced price Bricks animations templates through download that works with either Motion.page or Bricksforge (those plugins are not provided) so please be careful to choose the right animation. In some cases,  the animation download will contain both of the templates for the same price. In some other cases only Bricks will be necessary. Templates are mostly under the form of Zipped files containing the JSON data, of bricks, Motion.page and/or Bricksforge.

2. Templates are tested and working on major browsers. They are working fine when only bricks/Motion.page/Bricksforge (but please try to avoid MP & BF at the same time) are installed but in case of additional plugins, some issues may occurs, which I do not cover any responability. The same if any modifications are applied on the code or the structure of the templates.

3. Considereing the price and the nature of the product (digital download), no refund will be provided unless of very specific cases, studied on a case by case basis.

4. Still considering the price, no extended support can be guarranted. Of course if the animation doesn’t workfrom the beginning, considering paragraph 2 is respected, I will provide some support to make it work but no refund should be provided as mentionned in paragraph 3.

5. Templates are not resellable or should be given, copied or in whatsoever manner reproduced to another party.

6. Your contact details will be only use for processing your order and will not be disclosed to third parties.

7. I reserve the right to modify (even retroactively) any terms of this page at any time.


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